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Performances form a big part of our curriculum and our music teachers encourage all students to play at our annual concerts. Both children and adults enjoy performing in ensemble/band with other students who play different instruments giving them the opportunity to experience and learn other skills they don’t learn in an individual lesson.

Our talented students at ABC Music Group are preparing an evening of musical entertainment for you. This year’s playlist will be celebrating the musical talent and life of some of our great artists who passed away last year; Prince, Bowie, Cohen and George Michael.

They all left a significant imprint in our music history. Preparing for this event does not only take a lot of practice from our students, but it’s also been an opportunity for many of them to discover new music.

Some of the hit songs that will be performed are Purple Rain by Price, Let’s Dance by David Bowie, Hallelujah by Cohen and Careless Whisper by George Michael.


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Instrumental Music programs - School Concerts

All students learning an instrument in primary schools showcase their work at their annual concert in term 4!

Students prepare a range of different pop songs to perform in groups, bands or individually.

The concerts are held at the school and family and friends are invited to join.

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