Outstanding music teachers for schools and private lessons: ABC Music Group

ABC Music Group is delighted to offer Instrumental Music Programs to Primary School students from Foundation to Grade 6.

ABC Music has been teaching over 8000 primary school students throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area since 2006.

We believe in music education and that music has the ability to transform a child’s life. Our teachers aim to create a learning environment that is joyous and engaging. We ensure  every student is progressing towards their goals in an engaging and supportive team environment. Being able to help our students find their own style and further their creativity is immensely humbling.

Exceptional teaching standards

A deep love of music and strong drive for exceptional teaching underpins everything we do. Our managers are qualified and experienced in music, management and human resources, so we can identify and hire the best possible music teachers. They specialise in the most popular instruments and music styles, and teach students of all ages and stages.

Because our teachers contribute to the ongoing development of our instrumental programs for primary schools, we create the most productive learning environment. Our students are motivated and have fun while developing a very strong musical foundation.

Our teachers

ABC Music Group is very choosy about the teachers we employ. They all:

All teachers have induction training and on the job training in ABC Music Group methodologies. We  conduct regular personal development workshops to ensure they can continually improve their students’ performance outcomes. Our teachers are an integral part of our team. This assures teacher stability and dedication which results in a consistent learning environment for students.

Online Private Music lessons

We’ll teach you from age 5 onwards,  nurture your love of music, advance your playing skills and give you a solid music and theory foundation. We offer:

Furthermore we offer formal exams to the students who are keen to work toward a goal. Our teachers work closely with the students making sure they are prepared and achieve great results in theory and practise outcomes.

Instrumental programs for schools

Music benefits children in so many ways, especially in our small groups of three or four. It improves memory, concentration and learning, and can lift academic outcomes. Music builds confidence and self-esteem,  improves teamwork and social skills. It encourages self-expression – and it’s fun! 

Our instrumental programs require no financial outlay from your school – learn more about the benefits and contact us

Our mission

To provide high quality and affordable music lessons in a fun learning environment, whilst developing a strong musical foundation for students. Music Lessons that Build Confident Kids

Core values of ABC Music Group: