Instrumental music programs for primary schools: ABC Music Group

ABC Music Group establishes new instrumental music programs in primary schools, and enhances existing programs. Students experience many benefits from music, and there’s no financial outlay by schools. 

Instrumental programs for schools

Music in schools really is as simple as ABC.

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your school’s needs, then we:

How does music benefit children?

Research into the benefits of music has been conducted around the world for many decades. In recent studies in Australia, learning music increased performance in NAPLAN results by 35%. Another study found there was a distinct increase in the number of neurons in a child’s brain when a child learns music. But that’s just the start! Music also:

How do we teach music?

We teach in very small groups of 2 or 4, giving students the best combination of personal attention from their teacher and a social, interactive learning environment. The students will attend small group lessons for 30 min weekly during school hours.

Group lessons allow students of varying abilities to play together as an ensemble/ band and gain valuable music skills of rhythm, timing and melody. Playing a musical instrument is one of the activities that is learned and enjoyed better in a group environment, builds self-esteem, team work and encourages children to progress as their friends and form “their own band”

Individual lessons are also available for advanced or special needs students. Our essential music curriculum is designed according to the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Music Syllabuses, so we can prepare students for optional AMEB examinations. We also follow universal music course methods, with a step-by-step teaching process that ensures a solid foundation in music theory as well as excellent practical skills. 

End of year shows/concerts and assembly performances during the year are something we do really value as it builds students’ confidence. Also allows the parents to see what their child has been learning as well as allow the other students in the school to see what they could partake in the following year or term. Students perform in ensembles or solo and we use contemporary music, songs from pop to rock as well as classical music. The performances are not compulsory.

We hand out reports twice a year in terms 2 and 4 so that the parents are able to keep up to date with the progress of the students.

Who teaches our music programs?

Because our company is run by music and management experts, we choose only those teachers who tick every box. They must:

All teachers have induction training and on the job training in ABC Music Group methodologies. We  conduct regular personal development workshops to ensure they can continually improve their students’ performance outcomes.

Because our teachers are so involved in our processes, we have high teacher retention rates which result in very consistent teaching for pupils.

Which instruments can students learn?

We provide instruments for each student during lessons, except brass, reed and woodwind.









What’s the benefit for your school?

There are many! As well as benefiting all students who study music, our programs can:

What’s the cost for the school?

There’s no financial outlay by the school. We invoice parents for our very reasonable fees, and we’re responsible for collecting fees. All we need is a small room or area within the school to run the music lessons. Our company is professionally managed, and we carry $20 million public liability insurance and all music teachers are covered under Workcover and Superannuation. Contact us now and ask about our successful music programs.