Terms and Conditions of Subscription (Enrolment)

ABC Music Group Terms and Conditions of Subscription (Enrolments) 

  1. Commitment for subscription/ enrolment is for a minimum of one full school term.
    Cancellation of subscription/lessons can only take effect at the end of each school term. There is no refund if this agreement is terminated during the term. When your child is enrolled into the music program, he/she is considered enrolled until a cancellation is received by ABC Office in writing ONLY via email.
    Please note: Students are automatically enrolled from one term to the next, including one academic year to the next, if NO cancellation email is received.
  2. Cancellations are only accepted via email.
    To avoid incurring next term’s fees, an “Email Cancellation” advice must be received in our office at least two weeks prior to the start of the new term. Cancellations will not be accepted after the commencement of term. If cancellation occurs after payment has been processed the refund will be less a $50 admin processing fee.
  3. Lessons are charged per school term
    Students are guaranteed a minimum of 32 lessons per school year.
    As ABC MUSIC Teachers teach during all weeks of the school term, students will receive more than 32 lessons per year. *The extra lessons are calculated as make-ups for lessons missed due to school activities.
  4. Each renewal is for the period of one school term
    Consequently, you pay 4 equal instalments/term fees and not for the number of lessons on each term. *Subscriptions are automatically renewed every 3 months, there will be 4 equal payments within a school year, which correspond to 4 school terms.
  5. Missed Lessons and Make-ups
    Every effort will be made to make up missed lessons due to school activities (e.g. excursions, camps, etc.) when school circumstances permit, please refer to point 3. Absences due to illness, personal holidays, etc., will be considered as given and there is no refund or make up offered. If your child is going on a family holiday during the term, please email our office during the term prior to this so that arrangements can be discussed.
  6. Payment of Fees
    Fees are paid via direct debit in advance of each term. The nominated credit card will be charged automatically every 3 months from the date of enrolment until cancellation is received. Payments are accepted ONLY via Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard and Debit Card). It is the parents’ responsibility to keep all CC details up-to-date; these can be changed by logging into your account at any time on our website: MY ACCOUNT
  7. Overdue Accounts
    Fees are due at the start of each term. If your credit card is declined, our system will automatically send you an email notification to alert you. You must log into your account or contact us immediately to settle your payment. If your account remains overdue after 14 days, students may be withdrawn from the lessons. Each overdue account will incur an additional $25.00 administration fee and non-payment may be subject to collection by legal means, with a further fee of $60.00 required to be paid directly to the collection agency.
  8. Communications
    All communication from ABC Music Group regarding account updates, changes to class times and concert dates will be directed to the email address associated with the online account. It is the responsibility of this email contact to pass along any pertinent information to other relevant parties.
  9. Importance of Practice
    We recommend that your child practises at least a few times a week. The purpose of practice at home, especially at a primary school level, is to reinforce skills and techniques learned during the lesson. Read for tips

*Terms and conditions of this contract are subject to change at any time. Current T&C 2024