Practise Tips – Please see below a few tips on how you can get the most out of every lesson 

  • Please ensure students bring their books to their lessons EVERY week and a note book for communication between the parents and teachers
  • Make music practicePRIORITY. Consistency is the key! Pick the days you are going to practice and stick to a routine. We promise, a few weeks of this and you will see big RESULTS.

The purpose of practice at home, especially at a primary school level, is to reinforce skills and techniques learned during the lesson. Students don’t practice at home to learn something NEW, they practice at home so they don’t forget what they just learnt. The longer the break between each time they play their instrument, the more likely they are to forget what it is they have learned and will then need to re-learn it again in their next lesson.

So its not about how much time a students spends ON an instrument each week that really counts but rather how long they spend OFF their instrument before their next practice. A 2 hour practice session 1 night a week will never achieve as much as 15 minutes, 5 nights a week.

Please remember, if your child is getting frustrated or feels stuck when practicing at home TALK to their teacher or email ABC Office.
We understand that each child learns differently and we have lots of different ideas to help! Read more

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