Getting to Grade 2 New Mix Elissa Milne Book/CD

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The Getting to Series, Fundamental Repertoire is a total preparation for students preparing for their exams in AMEB, ANZCA, Associated Board, NZMEB, St Cecilia, Trinity College, and others. Each book is a step by step graded presentation of cherished piano classics and innovative, engaging new music. Essential reading, performance, stylistic and technical skills are developed through the repertoire and additional material has been included to give students extra help with scales and listening skills.

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Getting to Grade 2 New Mix by Elissa Milne Book/CD

Getting To Grade 2 New mix piano series provides modern piano repertoire of film, theatre, and TV.

This New Mix series has the same rationale and ambitions as the books in the (classically oriented).  Getting to series, only this time the repertoire is drawn solely from film themes, pop songs, orchestral standards and other music written in the past 100 years.

The pieces are graded so students can confidently move through the book, developing a new skill with each piece. The books can be used for the AMEB Piano for Leisure exams

The New Mix is a collection of compositions and arrangements that explore some of the genres and styles that emerged in the 20th Century, and also includes arrangements of classic pieces from the past 300 years that have become part of popular culture.

These pieces are presented in a learning sequence, and students can confidently move through this book developing a new skill with each new piece. Getting to Grade  2 – The New Mix also contains additional material including scales, triads, arpeggio exercises, listening tests, reading tests and general knowledge advice to ensure complete preparation for examinations.

This book includes a CD of all pieces in Getting to Grade  2 – The New Mix and sensational scale accompaniments.

For MAC and PC computer users, the CD is enhanced so that you can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing the pitch.

Once each grade book has been completed the aim is that the student has attained the expected proficiency for that level.


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