Our Annual Studio Concert

A tribute to Prince, Bowie, Cohen and George Michael

14th and 28th of June at the Paris Cat Jazz Club

Performing live in front of others can be challenging for some. For others, it may come naturally. No matter the level you are at and how you may be feeling, it is a great achievement to play your instrument for yourself and others. Not only does it require patience and dedication to perfect a song, but it also takes courage to get up on stage in front of people you know and don’t know.


As challenging as it may be, our students and teachers from the Richmond, Williamstown and Camberwell studios, put on an impressive show for all their family and friends. The Paris Cat Jazz Club is where the performance took place. This year’s concert was a tribute to some great artists who passed away last year but had a great influence in our music history. This was also a great opportunity for many students who were not previously familiar with these artists to discover new music and for those who grew up with them to listen to some of their favourite classics.


We all know how tricky it can be to work in a group; even more so, performing in a group. Playing and working in groups teaches students how to listen to others, be more patient and share. These are all valuable skills that can be applied to many aspects of our day to day lives. Over many weeks of rehearsals, the students also developed a stronger understanding of rhythm through keeping in time with their group and also the different elements that a song consists of. Our concerts saw a range of awesome covers of Prince, Bowie, Cohen and George Michael classics combining all these skills as well as an exciting on-stage presence.



Apart from the excellent performances from our younger students, our adult students also showed off some of their fantastic skills! The Richmond studio concert saw an impressive duet with Katherine Hall on piano and John Kerr on the saxophone performing Careless Whisper by George Michael. We also heard the talented Kudzai Chamunorwa perform Did I Ever Love You? by Leonard Cohan, accompanied by Tim Lukey on guitar and Kyla Price with the vocals.


Of course, none of this could be possible without our dedicated and passionate teachers guiding their students along the way. Not only did they support the students with their performances, but some of them also put together their own entertainment for everyone. The Williamstown and Camberwell concert finished with George Michael’s classic, Careless Whisper, performed by Hayley, Jessica and Bella. For our Richmond concert the following week, the teachers closed off the evening with Freedom by George Michael, performed by Kyle, Tim, Mairead and Stephen.


On behalf of everyone at ABC Music Group, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful students who put in hard efforts and commitment to their performance and of course to everyone who attended and showed support. We hope you all had a wonderful evening!